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About Sleem

Sleem is a devastating disease that spreads rapidly among individuals indulging in Live Streaming. It causes severe symptoms and has no known cure except for the one held by Rose.

Those who contract Sleem are termed "Sleemed" and face a life-threatening situation without access to the cure.

Sleem Awareness Foundation is dedicated to spreading information and advocating for equitable access to healthcare.

The Cure

Rose possesses the only known cure for Sleem. However, he has chosen not to make it widely available to the public, leading to widespread panic and desperation.

Research is ongoing to develop alternative treatments and to pressure Rose into making the cure accessible to all.

The following is a LEAKED image from Rose Industries, showing their plan to withhold the Sleem cure.

Sleem Cure


Join Pok and Lem in their fight for justice and equality in Sleem healthcare!


The Sleem Awareness Foundation has put together a list of statements from Sleem Contractors and others. Please read.

Traceful, a Sleem Contractor, has put together a heartfelt statement.

Traceful's Profile Picture

"At first, my expierence with having Sleem was hard to understand. The days were tough and the nights were even tougher. Life with Sleem is truly a terrible expierience, and I wouldn't wish it upon anyone, not even my worst enemy. Without this cure I struggle to live day to day, so please Rose, please, lend us Sleem contractors a helping hand? We have families Rose." - Traceful

Noelle, an innocent bystander, has recently learned about Sleem.

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"I odn't know what sleem is exactly but it sounds rough" - Noelle

LimeKingVR's speech has been severely impacted by Sleem, but she's still put together a statement.

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"im sleeming my sleem rn" - LimeKingVR

Pok, a brave individual, has risen against Rose's monopoly on the Sleem cure. He believes that everyone deserves access to the cure and is actively working to expose Rose's actions.

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"I have been unfairly sleemed, and the cure has been withheld from me. This is injustice." - Pok

Many others have been infected with Sleem, such as MattCraft.

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"I am busy right now." - Matthew Craftington

The ex-spreader of the disease, Lem, now a Sleem Awareness Foundation worker, has also made a statement.

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"I realise now what I did by spreading the disease at first was WRONG. I since have changed my ways, and want to help others remove Sleem from their bodies. But Rose won't let us." - Lem

Hexfate, Rose's friend, has also released a statement.

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"It seems dangerous, I really hope we can move past it some day and live in a better world without sleem." - Hexfate

And it doesn't stop at just them. 2 anonymous Sleem contractors have put together a statement.


"I caught Sleem last time I was live streaming, and at first I didn't really realise the severity of what had just happened. I carried on like it was nothing. A week later I was carried to the hospital. I currently am staying indefinitely, and the doctors are scrambling to help. Screw you Rose, HELP US GODDAMNIT." - Anon


"Got Sleemed 😱😱" - Anon 2

And a Scientist has also made a statement.


"We have been working tirelessly to develop a cure for this disease, its something more severe than anything we have ever had the misfortune to share this planet with. This disease trumps covid 100 fold. Someone has the cure, and is refusing to let scientists reproduce it for the safety of the live streaming community? Utterly disrespectful, and murderous. Capitalist filth I say." - Walter

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